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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The more the merrier

„It would be great to have more neighbors in Cubic Center", sais George Filoglou, Group Director of Operations PromIdea "because this area is where the business moved”.

George Filoglou, Group Director of Operations PromIdea

In 2012, PromIdea decided to leave their nice offices in Piata 1 Mai, in order to move up, to Class A Office Building. And Cubic Center was exactly what they needed.

On 2000 square meters, the offices look very professional and... happy. It is true that the core business is of great help. PromIdea has a wide variety of services. Here are some:

Branded Merchendise (Promotional items, from wearables to GwP & premiums designed), BTL Solutions (In-Store and Brand Promotions with the ultimate goal of bringing your brand to consumer), POSM (Designed, harmonized, modular and tested Point of sale solutions, built to help you sell more), Events and Activations (Sampling, Merchandiser solutions, Exhibition and Promotional Stands are conceptualized, designed and executed).

“People think that dealing with people from banks is difficult and “cold”, but this is not the case! Everybody at ARES (Alpha Real Estate Service) is very friendly and solutions oriented. They fix, prepare, control!”, declares George Filoglou.

If 4 or 5 years ago one could say transportation could be considered an issue, today this is not a problem anymore. There is a shuttle service that really works. All the area flourished due to all other office buildings here. We have permanent employees’ poles and we are happy to see that they are really satisfied.

Mr. George Filoglou shared three arguments for other companies to join Cubic Center:

1. Big Companies moved here. Cubic Center is also interested in smaller businesses that can share the company of the “big ones”.

2. The access gets better & better – come see for yourself

3. Total Pipera Area is becoming friendly for both expats and Romanians.

See the interview with Mr. George Filoglou:

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